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Starting the new year in style

Matthew and I ended our year watching a wonderful film. Down By Law, created by Jim Jarmusch was filmed in 1986, starring a young Tom Waits as a down on his luck d.j.
named Zack.

In the opening scene his girlfriend kicks him out. Along with it, his most prized boots.
These boots reserve a special place in Matthew's heart.

Therefore it intrigued me to learn more about them.
What happened to the boots?

From what I can decipher, the boots were made by a designer named Lloyd Johnson who started his first shop in Kensington Market. This shop over time became host to a slew of celebrities and rockers: Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, The Cramps, David Bowie, Eddie Kidd, The Scorpions, The Sexpistols, The Clash, The Specials, John Galliano, and Tina Turner, to name a few.

So without further adieu, the boots!


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Royal 10 Standard Typewriter before/after

Most recently I had the privilege of tinkering on the oldest machine I had gotten my hands on. 
When it came to me, this 1920 Royal 10 Standard was in non-working, gunked up condition. This isn't unusual for unused, un-maintained machines.  It was a present and the new owner was hoping to be able to use it. (click on the images to see it better)

Similar to the way people get excited about the new iphone, at times in history people were getting excited about the newest model of typewriters.  Companies were competing against one another to make their writer the best of the best.  
During my research on this writer I found a fun story. In 1927 George E. Smith, the president of Royal at the time, purchased a Ford-Stout airplane for $75,000.  He then proceeded to deliver typewriters like this one by the thousands in crates by parachute to demonstrate the ruggedness of the Royal writers.  
These images are found in the Popular Mechanics November 1927 issue.
Not surprising, they are ama…