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"Truly, I too have learned to wait, I have learned it from the very heart, but only to wait for myself." -Nietzsche

After six years of wearing the hat of stay at home mother, I have jumped into the world of working outside of my home.  I work some inside my home too. What I am doing is flexible, so far. From doing well at one small job has spawned two others. I currently have three part time jobs and an art show on my agenda. This isn't including actively being a wife, mother and step-mother.
(playing in the matrix- below-)

["everything the body can do is potentially enjoyable.  Yet many people ignore this capacity, and use their physical equipment as little as possible, leaving its ability to provide flow unexploited.  When left undeveloped, the senses give us chaotic information: an untrained body moves in random and clumsy ways, an insensitive eye presents ugly or uninteresting sights, the unmusical ear mainly hears jarring noises, the coarse palate knows only insipid tastes."  P. 95 FLOW ]

["If the functions of the body are left to atrophy, the quality of life becomes merely…
nietzsche- thus spoke zarathustra