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Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations. - Lao Tzu
"Lacan states that desire itself, and with it, sexual desire, can only exist by virtue of its alienation. Freud describes how the baby can be observed to hallucinate the milk that has been withdrawn from it and the infant to play throwing-away games to overcome the trauma of its mother's necessary departures. Lacan uses these instances to show that the object that is longed for only comes into existence as an object when its lost to the baby.
Thus, only satisfaction that might subsequently be attained will always contain this loss within it. Lacan refers to this dimension as 'desire'. The baby's need can be met, it's demands responded to, but its desire only exists because of the initial failure of satisfaction. Desire persists as an effect of a primordial absence and it therefore indicates that, in this area, there is something fundamentally impossible a…

my main squeeze

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend a weekend early. Who knew being married was so easy? Seriously. I am so lucky.

two faced. two for one. twice the charm.

In which there are differences.

Who do you approach first?