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the things I notice when I get to take a walk alone.

-The rusted nails in the bark of trees, barely visible as the tree expanded around it. - The pothole covers and the idea that some artist/designer created it - The front porches and the conversations I hope take place there. - Hearing birds and being able to take a minute to try to figure out where they are and what kind of       bird they may be. - The way that people decorate their cars, their houses, and especially their backyards- their havens. - The trash that people choose to throw out windows. -The marks the skateboarders leave behind. I also like to find places that I think would be excellent    skating spots. - Handprints mid way down on the fronts of all windows of businesses on main street. -The alleyways -The train track that goes through town -The second stories of houses and businesses -I always go to an antique store