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Starting the new year in style

Matthew and I ended our year watching a wonderful film. Down By Law, created by Jim Jarmusch was filmed in 1986, starring a young Tom Waits as a down on his luck d.j. named Zack.
In the opening scene his girlfriend kicks him out. Along with it, his most prized boots. These boots reserve a special place in Matthew's heart.
Therefore it intrigued me to learn more about them. What happened to the boots?
From what I can decipher, the boots were made by a designer named Lloyd Johnson who started his first shop in Kensington Market. This shop over time became host to a slew of celebrities and rockers: Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, The Cramps, David Bowie, Eddie Kidd, The Scorpions, The Sexpistols, The Clash, The Specials, John Galliano, and Tina Turner, to name a few.
So without further adieu, the boots!

after dark

Going out for the night.

My husband teaches me to tie my tie.
Ginkgo leaves covered my path.


Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations. - Lao Tzu
"Lacan states that desire itself, and with it, sexual desire, can only exist by virtue of its alienation. Freud describes how the baby can be observed to hallucinate the milk that has been withdrawn from it and the infant to play throwing-away games to overcome the trauma of its mother's necessary departures. Lacan uses these instances to show that the object that is longed for only comes into existence as an object when its lost to the baby.
Thus, only satisfaction that might subsequently be attained will always contain this loss within it. Lacan refers to this dimension as 'desire'. The baby's need can be met, it's demands responded to, but its desire only exists because of the initial failure of satisfaction. Desire persists as an effect of a primordial absence and it therefore indicates that, in this area, there is something fundamentally impossible a…

my main squeeze

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend a weekend early. Who knew being married was so easy? Seriously. I am so lucky.

two faced. two for one. twice the charm.

In which there are differences.

Who do you approach first?

A night out!

okay, so not me. But I stumbled upon this and it reminded me of the picture you will find at the bottom!

A happy surprise, a rose bush crept up my porch and into my haven! Matthew and I enjoy the evening:
"my model shot" - arie.

Some wine, a cigar circle in which I was the only lady, and then off to my verona for some splendid appetizers after dinner! Big plus to the evening, came home and Arie had all the kids in bed asleep! Kudos to our babysitter for topping off the night with perfection!

Is this me, is this you?

"As Kant might put it, whatever outward behavior he may display, whatever acts may lie in accord with a moral code, nevertheless if he does not act from a moral stance or source, his actions will lack specifically moral worth- specifically human worth. The aesthete has no moral self and hence can form no moral intentions. He can at most conform to public codes." (p.6)
"The ethical individual knows himself, but his knowing is not simply contemplation. It is a collecting of oneself." p.9 quoted from E/O 2:258
"What does one make or do with, the products of self-reflection or self-examination? When the individual has known himself and has chosen himself, he is in the process of actualizing himself." p. 9 quoted from E/O 2:259
---> move past 'idle observation' ---> demanding non-spectatorial "choose thyself" is only real option.
"Self choice is one element within an array of moral concepts at work within the Judge's project of …

Our trip to Chicago

i have decided on a profession

After careful consideration, I have decided to teach myself how to fix typewriters. I know where to find a repair manual and need only find the the correct tools.

I plan on becoming the mid west typewriter specialist. Finding, fixing, and selling. or giving. If you really need one, I will probably give you one.
If you really love it, I will probably take your picture with it before you two gallop off into the sunshine. Another happy customer.

Nearly five years with this lovely soul.

into the wind

Sometimes it may be wise to just simply watch an object as it is moved by the natural dips and rises of the winds. Invisible waves with an immense amount of impact. What can be learned from the corner creases of a cloth blowing? Can one learn to let go of control as they feel the release and tug of a kite string?

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, a photo by shellgreenier on Flickr. a gorgeous visualization of emotions that are often hard to put into words. Wouldn't it be grand if someone asked us what was wrong and we could just point?

Sometimes we all need a place to escape to

One morning I woke up antsy. I needed something productive/creative to do and something else to focus on (other than my kids and cleaning my house).

This feeling also coincided with weaning Albert/Arthur from nursing. I had nursed for almost four years straight. So between dealing with the changing balances of hormones I was also dealing with how to find my own "me" space. Child free if I wanted it to be. An escape, somewhere quiet, a safe haven...
Almost everything you see in the pictures (minus a couple cushions for those hard chairs and candles) were things that were in my house or garage. I hold onto the things I love. I cherish them and look forward to finding them a place among my belongings. Creating this haven gave me that opportunity and also a day long project. One day!
Some highlights: -my boys created a little gnome home in a cheese dish with glass lid. It changes daily as they throw more grass and chestnuts in. -the blue sharp edged rusty chairs got a so…

the things I notice when I get to take a walk alone.

-The rusted nails in the bark of trees, barely visible as the tree expanded around it. - The pothole covers and the idea that some artist/designer created it - The front porches and the conversations I hope take place there. - Hearing birds and being able to take a minute to try to figure out where they are and what kind of       bird they may be. - The way that people decorate their cars, their houses, and especially their backyards- their havens. - The trash that people choose to throw out windows. -The marks the skateboarders leave behind. I also like to find places that I think would be excellent    skating spots. - Handprints mid way down on the fronts of all windows of businesses on main street. -The alleyways -The train track that goes through town -The second stories of houses and businesses -I always go to an antique store