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Trash Can Annie's. Where dreams come alive.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by vintage objects daily. I'm privileged in that way. I caught a good break having a job I adore, with people I adore.

 I am always secretly hoping to stumble on under appreciated treasure for my enjoyment when I am out and about. Like tap shoes in my size, for instance.

Recently I had the greatest pleasure in venturing to Davenport, Iowa. First stop, Trash Can Annie's.  Conveniently and lucky for us, Ragged Records, a record store, is contained within the same building. Let that soak in. Vintage clothes and records...vintage clothes and records. Give yourself hours. I mean it.

With Annie's comes one of my favorite ladies in the world, who I am honored to say, I kiss smack on the lips with, a dear heart, Laura Heath.

She is not in these pictures as much as I would have liked. She was too busy teaching curious people about the objects in the store. Almost all of the clothes are individually tagged, often with year, or a note, and the siz…

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