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into the wind

Sometimes it may be wise to just simply watch an object as it is moved by the natural dips and rises of the winds. Invisible waves with an immense amount of impact. What can be learned from the corner creases of a cloth blowing? Can one learn to let go of control as they feel the release and tug of a kite string?

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, a photo by shellgreenier on Flickr. a gorgeous visualization of emotions that are often hard to put into words. Wouldn't it be grand if someone asked us what was wrong and we could just point?

Sometimes we all need a place to escape to

One morning I woke up antsy. I needed something productive/creative to do and something else to focus on (other than my kids and cleaning my house).

This feeling also coincided with weaning Albert/Arthur from nursing. I had nursed for almost four years straight. So between dealing with the changing balances of hormones I was also dealing with how to find my own "me" space. Child free if I wanted it to be. An escape, somewhere quiet, a safe haven...
Almost everything you see in the pictures (minus a couple cushions for those hard chairs and candles) were things that were in my house or garage. I hold onto the things I love. I cherish them and look forward to finding them a place among my belongings. Creating this haven gave me that opportunity and also a day long project. One day!
Some highlights: -my boys created a little gnome home in a cheese dish with glass lid. It changes daily as they throw more grass and chestnuts in. -the blue sharp edged rusty chairs got a so…