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Is this me, is this you?

"As Kant might put it, whatever outward behavior he may display, whatever acts may lie in accord with a moral code, nevertheless if he does not act from a moral stance or source, his actions will lack specifically moral worth- specifically human worth. The aesthete has no moral self and hence can form no moral intentions. He can at most conform to public codes." (p.6)
"The ethical individual knows himself, but his knowing is not simply contemplation. It is a collecting of oneself." p.9 quoted from E/O 2:258
"What does one make or do with, the products of self-reflection or self-examination? When the individual has known himself and has chosen himself, he is in the process of actualizing himself." p. 9 quoted from E/O 2:259
---> move past 'idle observation' ---> demanding non-spectatorial "choose thyself" is only real option.
"Self choice is one element within an array of moral concepts at work within the Judge's project of …

Our trip to Chicago

i have decided on a profession

After careful consideration, I have decided to teach myself how to fix typewriters. I know where to find a repair manual and need only find the the correct tools.

I plan on becoming the mid west typewriter specialist. Finding, fixing, and selling. or giving. If you really need one, I will probably give you one.
If you really love it, I will probably take your picture with it before you two gallop off into the sunshine. Another happy customer.

Nearly five years with this lovely soul.