Monday, March 31, 2014

Dance with me..

Monday, January 6, 2014

Typewriter repair

 I want to share something with you. When I read this (the following quote is totally taken from a person on a forum discussing typewriters) I imagine the piece the person is describing, it's weight, it's feeling in my hand, and then connecting it with another piece, etc. Try it here, no. Rotate, here, nope. And eventually, when you spin two pieces around in your hands enough, a pattern emerges. Clicks into place. You instantly know how to do this the next time. The connection is made and there is no hesitation. You have learned how to feel out a portion of metal in your bare hands.

I see gears, I watch them shift. And again, and again. I imagine what tool is behind the scene, making this happen. But in reality, I am still in the beginning stages of understanding a machine I find to be the most beautiful and useful. The near and dear.

dismantled, ready for repair

What I am saying is I really do not know what the piece looks like or how much room it takes up in my palm. It's the idea of it. The unattainable until further skills develop idea.

I want to clear my work bench off. Lay down a clean white cloth. Gently place the typewriter on top, squarely. Position the lighting, tools beside me. I strengthen my training in problem solving with my eyes first. Taking a breathe. I don't have to rush through this. It's a process, Tara, remember that.

"I'm an ex repairman. I can't remember all the names of the typewriters I've worked on. But, they all pretty much work the same. The carriage moves on what are called trucks or in some cases starwheels. A truck is about 1/4 inch thick and wide and about 2-3 inches long with rollers imbedded in it. A starwheel is basically a spoked wheel with a ball bearing in the center. The truck moves in groves in the rails to move. The starwheel moves in these groves too but the rails has teeth they move into to escape. Yours, sounds like a truck. Trucks eventually come apart. One of the rollers either looses it's shape or the truck itself starts to come apart.(They're usually made of plastic.) This is not an easy fix. You will need someone is is very experienced to replace this part. (If the part is available.) One little test for sure.... Grab the platen handles and wiggle them up and down. If you feel ANY play at all then it is definitely a bad truck."

Folks, it's as simple as that. These are the things I scrawl in my notebook to review later. When your craft is machines that most people don't have anymore, you can take your time with the learning part.
Now I have to decide which writer to work on next.

Monday, December 16, 2013

"all the smoke-like streams that flow into your dreams"

Still life on the family altar. Click on the link for a lovely song.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

We are buying a new house.

It's a little bit crazy around these parts. Prepping our current house to put on the market and dreaming about how we are going to create the new house. I am really excited to be able to build this home with Matthew and the kids. Our current one, our first home together, we pretty much threw together in the first week. When I was a stay at home mother I would alter it with paint and decorations. Now we will have the chance to work together to make a new space for our family. We will all have space to use to pursue our interests. It's going to be an incredibly exciting new chapter for us. I will have a studio in the house, imagine that! Matthew is dreaming about how to build his music studio. Ariella is dreaming about her hang out area. The boys will have their own play room plus room to run around downstairs. We will have an abundance of space to organize. The house is less than a month away. It's so close. 

Albert on the front steps.  A whole front lawn with no plants. Wonder how long that will last?

 The shady backyard with a rock wall and mature trees. We really have no idea what the house looks like when the lawn is alive. It's going to be a present we gave ourselves.

 My studio closet. Can't wait to get in there! Will it be filled with shoes/clothes/makeup/typewriters/art supplies?

 The laundry chute. I fully assume I will be fishing toys out of clothing.

The living room in the morning. Already I can tell how peaceful it will be. 

A fire place. I look forward to filling the mantle with our family altar pieces.