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i have decided on a profession

After careful consideration, I have decided to teach myself how to fix typewriters. I know where to find a repair manual and need only find the the correct tools.

I plan on becoming the mid west typewriter specialist. Finding, fixing, and selling. or giving. If you really need one, I will probably give you one.

If you really love it, I will probably take your picture with it before you two gallop off into the sunshine. Another happy customer.


  1. ooo me, me, me. i need/want one.

    typewriter's keystone bus. name idea.


  2. so i tried to comment, not sure if it went thru, so i apologize if it does it again,

    i want/need one.

    typewriter's keystone----bus. name.

  3. Typey Typerson
    Type Cast
    Type A


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